I want attention

As a teacher you realize that children need attention.... how they get it is not always how you'd like them to! I worked on this a lot in my room... as a full day teacher of kindergarteners my goal was to spend some time with each child every day. If I didn't get one-on-one time with a child today I made a point to give him/her a bit of extra time the next day.

Richard being laid up and me having to help him has Blake seeking more attention than normal. I always find it funny that some days I could be invisible and I don't think he'd care, but as soon as there is something else I need to do... Blake needs my attention.

His big thing the last 2 days is banging on the tv... not tapping, not touching... BANGING! Then when you say something to him about it he looks at you, stops and laughs. Yes, I know he is 16 months old and will learn this is not an option, but I don't need him doing damage to a tv we CAN NOT afford to replace right now either!

I'm trying to come up with some creative ways for Richard to spend time with Blake, but it is hard! Blake is used to Richard playing with him on the floor, or letting Blake get up on the couch with him... neither of which is an option right now. And try to explain to a 16 month old that Daddy has a boo boo arm and can't _____ right now.

Yesterday, Blake decided he could stand in front of Richard and play with his feet while watching tv. He also took a few of his super simple books over to Richard to read. I try to pick him up and let him give Richard "love" every time we go to naps and Richard came and did Blake's bedtime routine with us. I know we will figure it out, it's just hard!


  1. Hopefully things will start going smoother for you here soon. I hope that your husband recovers here soon!

  2. Oh girl! That is hard! Don't be too hard on yourself...you are not expected to have this perfect in an unperfect situation. I will be thinking of you and if I come up with any creative ideas....I will let you know.

  3. Oh why did it take me until now to visit? I'm a teacher turned Mommy too. Some days 20 first graders seem easier than staying at home. :)

    Your son is darling. I'll be back for more.

  4. That would be tough! I hope you can figure something out that works though...and yes, I totally know what you mean about somedays they can just play by themselves all day...and then the next day when you have to do something else they want your attention ALL the time. Good luck...I'll be thinking of you!

  5. Ah yes attention!!! That is soooooo big. Sonia MUST have my attention at times and it does get a little testy too.
    Hope Richard is feeling better soon.

  6. I hope things get a little easer for you and your Husband:)


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