oh YUCK!

Just a funny story today! This weekend we went and did some bulk shopping at BJ's. And, one thing we got was a new box of diapers for Blake.

That night at dinner Blake decided he wanted to finish Richard's water... which was fine, but I offered to help so Richard could finish eating... big mistake! In the transition between Richard and myself I couldn't see what I was doing (or actually how Blake was doing) and he spilled the water allllll over himself. Ok no big deal it's water.

So after dinner we decided to change him into his pj's since he wasn't getting a bath that night. We go into his room and he realizes... hey I have a new box to play with. Richard began stripping Blake down to change him while he climbed up, on and and around the new diaper box. Well shortly after taking Blake's diaper off... we heard him let out some gas. Well at first we were both like... phewwww just gas... then the next thing we know there it is.... poop on the box! YUCK!

Now he has poop on him (obvious), on the box, oh and he had socks on still and managed to get it on the socks too. So I scoop him up and take him to the bathroom (hey might as well plop him on the toilet if he's naked and pooping, but that didn't work). I got him cleaned up, and then we took the box out of his room after we cleaned up the biggest parts.

Well... at least it wasn't on the rug!


  1. yeah avery pooped on our floor one night...poor kid had terrible diaper rash and i was letting him "air" out..not even a min later!

  2. ha ha! Ohhhh so sorry to hear! That cannot be fun! Well at least you were the one that got to take him to the bath tub and not the one that had to do box clean up.....well....hopefully!

  3. awe! Glad you got that mess cleaned up! This weekend we had a poop explosion and of course my husband left me with an empty box of wipes!

  4. Oh the life of a mom! My son seems to always poop in the tub...always!

  5. haha..oops! Well...like you said, at least you can look on the bright side and it wasn't on the rug or in his bed or anything like that! ;)


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