random weekend thoughts

wow didn't I just do these a few days ago? This last week or so has flown by!

1. Sleep is important!

2. Sleep is something you don't get a lot of when you are pregnant, especially when your toddler is having a tough week

3. Seeing replies in my in-box makes me smile

4. Getting back in the swing of things makes life a lot easier to live

5. Seeing friends from the past is strange and fun all at the same time

6. Getting your house cleaned for company means less work the next week (in my book anyway!)

7. Watching Blake interact and get along with other children who are younger and older than him makes me think I'm doing something right

8. Taking pictures of Blake and sharing them with others brings me joy... and scrap booking them just makes them all the more special (check in tomorrow for a few new pages)

9. Having the week's menu planned ahead of time makes making dinner each night a WHOLE lot easier!

10. Laundry is a never ending chore... when are they going to create disposable clothing??


  1. disposable clothing! I love that idea! I plan my meals out for the week too....otherwise we would never eat b/c I wouldn't have the right ingredients to make anything...

  2. I would totally buy disposable clothing . . . especially disposable baby clothing. I swear the stuff might as well be disposable because one wearing usually destroys it anyway!

  3. Now ladies- disposable clothing would not be very green would it? haha Just kidding. I hate- hate- hate laundry. I agree about cleaning the house for company. I think I might start having company more often as an incentive. I also just finished planning ym week of meals! I am looking forward to your scrapbook pages!

  4. biodegradable? just think of all the detergent you'd be keeping out of the water supply!

  5. i was going to say biodegradable clothes too...true about the detergent though, but they do sell natural stuff!

    i hear you on the menu planning, i don't usually do it, but when i do its great!

  6. I'm a big menu planner - it makes my life liveable these days! And disposable clothes? Where do I sign up?

  7. Yay for disposable clothing!!! Or, we could all just walk around naked. Or not . . .

    I wish I could plan menus. I need to do that! It is sort of a crap shoot around here.

    Oh, and sleep. I hope you are getting at least a little. I know as the weeks go by it gets harder and harder. In my last couple months I would fall asleep practically standing up . . . ugh.

    Take care--you!

  8. 1. amen sister!
    2. Sorry, never been pregnant, but know about lack of sleep with a rough week toddler.
    3. oh yeah!
    4. since I'm on spring break right now I'm not really one to talk!
    5. true, ture
    6. I agree
    7. yes for my kids as well
    8. big time!
    9. a must around here!
    10. I know! My mother can't even believe all the laundry we need to do. And the sad thing is that it is mostly MINE because I don't trust any of my clothes after coming home from work (spit, snot, etc from all those kids!)

  9. it is wonderful to see your child interact with other children because it does prove to you that you are doing something right. Planning menus would be a great idea it I could get my act together and do it!!!
    I like the idea of disposable clothing.


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