Playing outside is fun!

Yes, I know it is Friday... but I don't have a video this week... oops! And, I wanted to post about our park visit earlier this week, but was busy with my toddler bed updates. So, you get a story and pictures today instead (o:

As a teacher, I recognize that children need to develop their gross motor skills first before they can master their fine motor skills. I always took my class outside for recess and as well as doing movement activities in the classroom. Children need these out lets for gross motor development, as well as to burn off some steam!

The other day was cool for Florida (ok the weekend we saw highs in the upper 80s ... like 87/88 kind of thing), Tuesday I decided to take Blake over to the park. It was only in the mid-50s at the time... that is why he is wearing a sweatshirt and jeans... yes I know you don't see him wearing this type of clothes often.

We play outside 6 out of 7 days a week most of the time, but don't often venture over to the park, which is pretty sad since it is probably a 3 min walk from the house! But, let me tell you after our visit on Tuesday we went again on Wednesday and may even go back today (depending on when he wakes up.

The last time I took Blake to the park (before Tuesday) he could climb up the steps and cross the bridge, but other than that he needed help to play on most any of the equipment. This time other than helping him sit down at the top of the slide I just shadowed him from the ground. It was great to see him run around, climb and have fun!

At our playground they have a fenced in area for little ones and then a bigger playground for older kids. I know it won't be long before he outgrows the little equipment and is ready to conquer the rock wall of the bigger playground!


  1. looks like he had a lot of fun! avery climbs up on the slide too...but i help him to sit or he goes down backwards!

  2. Look at him go. You have such a beautiful little boy.....

  3. wow- I didn't know you all even owned jeans and a sweatshirt ;) just teasing! Sounds like a great day- I wish we had a playground so close to us to go play at. Ashlyn would love it.

  4. Cute pictures! Has Blake mastered walking down the steps yet? Tate hasn't...he still crawls backwards - but climbing up stuff is no problem! I love the fact that we can finally go out to the playgrounds!!

  5. How fun that you can get to the park so frequently. I'll bet he just loves it!


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