random weekend thoughts

Happy weekend! Hope everyone has a warm and wonderful weekend

1. Getting things done early makes life easier

2. You never know what a toddler will do when left alone in his room (for nap time)... he figured out how to unplug the monitor that is behind his bureau anddddd ripped up the edge of the rug

3. Transition times are NOT fun!

4. Going to the park is tiring (for mommies too)

5. Having a pan of chocolate chip cookie cheesecake bars in the fridge and not eating any of them is pretty impressive if have to say so myself! (yes I can post this recipe if people want it)

6. Having a hubby who helps out around the house is a God send!

7. Being pregnant with a 17 month old make for very short evenings with my husband... I'm ready to crash at 8:30 lately!

8. Having conservation land behind the house means you never know who is coming over to visit (yes... that is a raccoon on the TOP of our screened in porch!)


  1. Agreed! Though I know not of #7 or #8!

    Happy weekend!

  2. very impressed that you haven't eaten those cookies and yes i would LOVE the recipe if you care to share. you can email if you have my email still.

  3. seriously...you didn't eat any? Wow! Those sounds super yummy though! I'm ready for bed at 8:30 too if that helps you any! Have a great weekend!

  4. Great thoughts Lori! Getting things done early does make it easier; if I had the time to get them done early.
    Love the raccoon pic!!!

  5. Love the pic of the pesky raccoon!


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