200th post

Sooo I figured I'd share a bit more about me. I told a bit about me in my 100th post.

I talk a lot about my experiences as a kindergarten teacher. So I figured I'd share a bit more about my life as a teacher. I decided when I was in the 6th grade that I wanted to be a teacher. I didn't decide on what level until probably high school (much to the chagrin of many teachers who wanted me to pursue a more lucrative field or at least go into math or science education).

When I decided to get my degree in Early Childhood Education my originally thought was to work in a company's on-site day care. I felt that this should have been a growing field by the time I graduated (notice it still isn't there yet). I felt that this was a benefit to the company, the employees, and even more important the children. I felt it was the best of both worlds... people (especially mothers) could work and their children would be right there, in the same building... how does this not make sense? Anyway... it never happened and by the time I graduated I was looking in a different direction.

My first pre-practicum experience was in a first grade classroom teaching math. I did enjoy this, but felt first grade was a bit structured for me. (which is funny since I'm a rather structured person). My second pre-practicum experience was in a half day kindergarten in a school that had pre-K, kindergarten and a few first grades... that's it... wow did I LOVE this school! I managed to get my student teaching placement at the same school. I split my time between a full day kindergarten and a half-day special needs pre-K.

While I was in college, living in Massachusetts at the time, Massachusetts passed a bill that said that teachers had 5 years from the time they graduated to acquire their master's degree. So what did I decide to do? I went straight into grad school, SUNY @ Buffalo here I come!, and got my degree in 1 year! (My parents were living in Rochester, NY at the time)

After I got my master's I applied to teach at public schools, but got little to no response. So, I decided to look into working at a day care for a year or two. I got a position teaching kindergarten at a day care, I actually designed the program for them. This was a great experience, but at the same time I did not like working at a day care for many different reasons.

I decided it was time for a change and began applying for teaching jobs back in Massachusetts. I was hired and taught at a school for 3 years. I loved the school, but has some minor issues with my principal, so I decided it was time to move on.

I decided to move to Florida, my brother had moved to the Orlando area the year before. I got a job teaching in Orlando in a low income school. This had its rewards and it's challenges. I loved the children and their love of learning, but it was heart wrenching listening to their stories and knowing that I couldn't help them all. At the same time, I had some MAJOR philosophy differences with my principal, things I would never give in on (such as recess and playtime in kindergarten... yeah sorry but 5 year olds need to play). So one more change I made.

I found a school that I was very happy at, and grew as a teacher and as a person there. I worked at this last school for 5 years, and would probably still be there if I didn't decide to stay home with Blake.

The big questions I get asked...
Do you miss teaching? yes and no... ask me in August and my answer is always yes... I miss meeting a new class, setting up my room, the excitement of a new year. Do I miss the paperwork, the headaches and hassles... no!

Will you go back to work at some time? Yes, Richard and I agreed that I would stay home until the youngest was in kindergarten and then I will go back to work

Will you go back to being a kindergarten teacher? Probably not. I was beginning to get burnt out on kindergarten... I had actually asked to switch to pre-K, but then the school didn't get enough funding and/or have the space for the pre-K class they talked about putting into the school. Then the next year I left so I'm not sure what I would have done if I'd gone back for another year

Will you go back into teaching at all? Not sure... I will do something in the field of education. I feel I have a lot to offer and will have even more after having been a Mom myself. I'm keeping my options open. Somethings that I have/had considered doing are: becoming a college professor, working in a hospital in their children's ward as an educational consultant for the children who have extended stays, teaching pre-K, and many more

Well.... I've rambled enough! Hope that gives you a picture of me


  1. sounds like my life in a nutshell...now if i could only pass the teachers test that lovely MA has required, i would be one step ahead!

  2. Congrats on your 200th post! It's nice hearing about other teachers experiences.

  3. Congratulations on making it to 200 posts! Here's to 200 more!

  4. Congrats Lori! I can see you as a college professor!! I really can. You would be great!! I can also see you at a hospital!!!

  5. I loved hearing more about you - especially your teacher side since I too am a Kindergarten teacher.. I SOOOO know what you mean when you say Kindergarten "burns" you out.. They are the cutest - but so tough to deal with sometimes...

  6. Thank you so much for sharing. I enjoyed reading about your teaching experiences. It is so sad that many school take away recess from K kids...and play time too. I know a few K teachers in my building don't allow play time. I shut my door and do what I want. They NEED play and recess. I am currently gettinf disgusted with the public schools in NJ.

  7. Wow! 200 posts! :) They add up pretty quickly, don't they? Thanks for sharing about yourself...very interesting! And I love that you're going to stay home with your kids until they are in kindergarten. I think it's important for kids to have their mommy/daddy around for the first few years of their life. :)

  8. 200 posts?! Wow, congrats!
    But thanks for letting us peek into your world a little more. Its so interesting to read about your background and how you ended up where you are now!
    Share more often! Don't make us wait another 100 posts, lol.

  9. Happy 200th post. You pretty much summed up how I feel about teaching too. I was lucky enough to find a teaching job that lets me keep my foot in the door for 2 half days a week but when our youngest is in K or first I think I'll go back full time too.

  10. Wow! 5 years to get a master's???That's crazy! I'll bet you're glad you have it, now, though! I'm beginning to get burnt out on education, now myself!

  11. Woo hoo . . . 200 posts!

    I am with you about missing teaching and whether or not I'll go back.

    And, I'm toying with the idea of college or maybe heading back to corporate. That's only if I don't win the lottery . . .

  12. I love this post and getting to know your teaching background. I, too, have taught at quite a few schools. I'm really hoping that when I go back next year it will be a home-base school for the rest of my days.

    I get sad when Target has their Back-to-School sale. I always want to buy 20 sets of everything....


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