Again, again and again

As a teacher, I realize the importance of repetition for learning. I know that children need to try things over and over to master skills. I also know that they love to hear stories multiple times.

But, as a mother of a toddler I find myself saying... can we please read another book! We just read that one 5 times in a row. Nope... again, again! Blake has a few books that we could read over and over and over for 30 or more minutes and he would be very happy. Yes, I know this is great for language development. Yes, I know it is great for pre-reading skills. Yes, I know reading is important and the love of reading even more important. Buttttt, can't a mommy get a break. I can read these books without looking at the book. I can read it forwards and backwards. I have even read them in my sleep!

But, I know being a good mommy/ teacher that I will continue to read these books until he decides that a different book is his new favorite. Then the pattern will start again!


  1. Don't I know this.

    Chase still loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar, still ...

  2. Can't (or can I) wait for that . . . J still likes to eat his books!

  3. Iz feel your teacher mommy pain

  4. Yes...I feel your pain. haha. :) They just love doing the same things over and over...oh helps me to be more patient!

  5. I totally know what you mean! My husband was amazed when he skipped a page and I recited the page he skipped the other night!!


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