Making digital scrapbook pages

I often get asked how I make my digital scrapbook pages (seen on Sundays). I began making them using Scrapbook Flair's free software. Once I got into it more a friend of mine gave me Photoshop Elements 5. Which is what I use now! Photoshop provides the ability to do a lot more (shapes, angles, shadows, etc...). But, if you are just looking to start trying digital scrapbooking I suggest checking out Scrapbook Flair. They have a lot of free downloads, and links to people's blogs where you can get other stuff for free or at a low price.

You can print these pages out and make them various sizes... every 3 months or so I make 5 new pages to put into my 4x6 frames at home and the one's Richard has at work. I also made the invitation to Blake's birthday party and other things like that too. Most of the stuff I make I keep on my hard drive and one of these days I'm going to d/l all of Blake's pics and scrapbook pages onto a CD to have a digital photo album for each year of his life.

If you'd like to look at more of my work (even see some of my early stuff, although I have deleted some off the site) you can check out my page on their site.

I'm sure there are other sites out there that have similar formats, but this is the one that was suggested to me and therefore it was the one I used!


  1. Thanks for the reminder ... I really do want to try this. WHEN? Love this weeks pages.

  2. I love your pages Lori, they are so great!

    I should do this but I just can't seem to find enough time in the day;-)


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