Choices are a good thing... take 2

Well since I couldn't decide what to blog about today... I decided to take a trip down memory lane and read (ok well glance at) the blogs for the 15th of every month. I came across this one in January: Choices are a good thing. First it was interesting to read since it was in the beginning of my blogging experience. I just began blogging on Jan 2nd so that shows you how into it I was (I didn't even label my blogs then).

Well... lets look at Blake and his choices now! In that blog I mentioned giving Blake the choice of two different shirts... yeah now he goes in the drawer and pulls out the one he wants to wear! If I try to help, he will just go choose a different one anyway. At least I still get to pick out the matching bottoms.

As far as food choices, we are getting better at that. He does get to choose his breakfast choice (most days). He loves to eat Quaker cereal bars (right now he has the choice of apple or mixed berries), cereal with "ilk"... cereal without "ilk" is a snack... not breakfast! (if you try to give him dry for breakfast he will keep saying milk over and over until you put milk in it), occasionally he'll want a bagel yogurt, or toast, but not often.

He can pick his own snack out since they are all in a cabinet that he can reach and get into. I found this to be a lot easier than playing the guessing game, and he can get them when he wants not when I think he should be hungry for a snack. (yes, I limit how much he has and often how close it is to meal time, but it is his body and his appetite... plus he's really good about it too).

Lunch and dinner I choose what he is having for the most part... sometimes I give him choices for lunch, but usually it is whatever I am having he has the same.

It is amazing how much he has changed since January! (feel free to blog surf in my archive to see other ways my little guy has gotten bigger!)


  1. Way to go. Choices are great. I'm a big fan. Like, do you want to rub my feet or my back? Should you make dinner for me now or later? :)

  2. hmm...i could put snacks down low, but i have a feeling the floor would get more than avery. glad it works well for blake!

  3. Choices are always good! Works well at home and in my classroom!

  4. What a great idea. Isn't it crazy how much changes in just a few short months. I try to give my kids at school choices to help them become more autonomous.

  5. Choices are so important. One of the best lessons I learned as a teacher.

  6. It's so funny...I give MM two choices and she always manages to come up with something else. Oh well! That girl has a mind of her own.....totally gets that from me.


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