As a teacher I had a lot of things that I said over and over and over again to my kids... people used to laugh because I'd start saying something and the children would finish it.

Here are a few I used a lot

"direction given, direction followed"
"This isn't your house, and I'm not your mother"
"That doesn't work here"
"I don't think we are having a debate"
"When did you get to be the teacher?"
"4 on the floor or you stand" (4 legs of the chair on the floor or they lost the right to use a chair)
"That is a privilege not a right"
"Is that helpful or hurtful?"
"Is that a safe choice?"
"I don't understand the word 'can't'"
"Ask 3 before me" (ask 3 friends for help before asking me)
"Are you wasting my time?"

I don't have a lot that I say over and over with Blake... yet

"Is that safe?"
"What does a big boy do with ____?"
"be gentle!"
"give hugs to say sorry"
"thank you for making good choices"
"if you can't listen to mommy then ____"

So... what do you find yourself saying over and over with your own kids (or other teachers out there... with your classes?)????


  1. Those are good sayings.
    I say, "Be kind" a lot, or "Is that acceptable?"

  2. How about straight up, "NO!" and/or "No biting" and/or "Gentle!"

  3. I think I say a lot of those in my classroom too!

  4. I like the four on the floor one. I have kids always on two chair legs. I have used ask3 before me. or "Is that a question or a story?" I do also say, "I must have missed the memo that you are in charge." "I wasn't aware you completed college and became the teacher." I can't help a little sarcasm sometimes.

  5. "You get what you get, and you don't pitch a fit."

    I used that in my classroom and still use it at home. Loved your "isms".

  6. We use the "be gentle" one a lot over here too...even though Tate is very gentle to begin with, he still gets carried away sometimes. :) I love your "ask 3 before me" saying...that is a great one for a teacher to use!

  7. Is it odd that I think I said this to my seniors a lot, too???

  8. OMG>>>you're a teacher 4 life! It's a life sentence!

    I say "Be Gentle" a lot and I try to get her to sign "please" often.

  9. My son's only 10 months old, so I am always saying "be nice" (to kids, to cats, to mommy) and "no" (to standing right in front of the tv, to putting his hand in the heater). I love this blog. I am (almost fully) trained to be a teacher (minus student teaching) but once my son came along, my dreams changed. I still want to be a teacher later on, but am enjoying the SAHM life for now.

  10. Great post! My two are:

    "Listen and OBEY." and "Does this LOOK like a happy face?"


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