My post yesterday got a LOT of responses and seemed to be very well received! This makes me happy (o:

Note to self: post more like that!

If anyone has a question, request or thoughts on other posts related to how I deal with Blake compared to how I taught kindergarten or in relation to how I taught kindergarten... feel free to ask away!

Sometimes I wonder how it will be perceived and I don't want to come across as a "know-it-all" or preachy. I am raising Blake (and the new baby too) to in essence be the best kindergartener he can be! That may sound strange, but I want to provide him the tools he needs to be successful. I'm not going to push him to be advanced (I'm not going to hold him back either) but he will learn what he is ready to learn when he learns it. He will be exposed to learning skills, life experiences and life in general to the best of my ability as a parent.

Well... I didn't spend a lot of time with Blake today, and I have a lot on my mind with the new baby right now, so tomorrow we will resume our regularly scheduled program (o:


  1. Having taught K myself, I often wonder what teachers will think of my kids when they get to school! Oh my do I hope I have Ashlyn well prepared (and Riley when his time comes too).

  2. You deserve a day off!

  3. That's right around the corner. :)


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