random weekend thoughts

1. Spring is in full swing, ok actually we've already had spring and it's more summer here, but it's so nice to be able to get outside in the mornings and play with Blake... soon we will have summer showers everyday (YUCK!)

2. Finding a comfortable position at 35 weeks pregnant is not possible!

3. Trying to guess the mood of a toddler is impossible

4. Putting the bassinet in our bedroom made it even more real that this baby is coming soon

5. Not knowing the date of my c-section is frustrating, but do able

6. Ice cream before bed is the best cure for heart burn... or so I've found (I'll pay for it after the baby is here I know!)

7. Having friends, even those you've never meet in real life, surprise you is always a nice treat (a group of friends I met on-line are throwing me a cyber shower... can you ask for anything nicer?)

8. Random thought from Richard: planning birthday surprises for someone who is VERY pregnant is not fun... the only thing the person wants is to not be pregnant and you can't get them that!


  1. Awe! A cyber shower?!?! How cool is that?

    "Finding a comfortable position at 35 weeks pregnant is not possible." Oh, so true!

  2. Why is it that at the end of pregnancy it slows down to a standstill!

  3. how nice that you are being thrown a cyber shower - that is great.

  4. Ice cream, huh? I'll have to keep that in mind! hehe. :)

  5. I def. miss eating ice cream in bed at night. I ate it right before I went in to labor!

  6. Ice cream sounds super yummy. And fun on the cyber shower!!!!


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