When Blake's in a mood...

No one gets to be happy! Blake didn't have a good nap today, and despite my attempt to get an extra afternoon nap in he was not a happy camper. Or he wasn't for long stretches of time. He did a good job at the grocery store (I guess that is a blessing). But, getting ready to go was NOT fun! Oh the joys of a 2 year old.. oh wait I don't have a 2 year old yet... he isn't even technically 18 months (that doesn't happen until May 11th).

The worst part is Abby's allergies are bothering her so he gets on her nerves very easily. And, when Blake is in a mood Abby is a prime target. He isn't mean to her, but when she wants to be left alone you need to leave her alone. So Abby had a choice of going outside or going in my bedroom and Blake got to stay in "his part of the house".

You know he is not in a good mood when at 6:45 he was ready for bed (his normal bedtime is between 7 and 7:30).

I just hope tomorrow is a better day!!


  1. i hear you on the moods! hope tomorrow is better!

  2. oh I feel your pain. hope tomorrow is better!

  3. They DO get in random moods! My kiddo gets in funks every now and again. He'll be better tomorrow!

    heh - my kid doesn't go to bed until 8:30. Because I pick him up fromt he nanny at 6:30, haul him home, feed him dinner . . . one story and by that time it's 8:30! But the good part about that is when I'm home with him on the weekend, we totally cuddle up and take THREE HOUR NAPS in the morning! LOVE that.

  4. Oh, those kind of days are rough...especially when you are pregnant too. I hope that Blake has a much better day tomorrow too!

  5. Yes I agree naps are a must

  6. We had a night like this . . . with J in a MOOD. I'll have to blog about it. Oh, yikes . . . and it is just beginning. I'll be right behind ya! Support group?


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