day 1...

today is my first day home alone with the boys. it is... well... it's... going!

Colby slept pretty good last night (now will someone tell Abby that she needs to let us sleep too??) Colby woke a little after 5 so I just stayed up and took a shower at that time. Richard had breakfast at home so Blake ate with him and that allowed us to be ready to walk this morning. Blake and I always went for a walk at the same time Richard was leaving for work. We had a great walk and then Blake and I played outside for a bit while Colby slept.

When Colby woke up we went into Colby's room so I could nurse (the boys rooms are across the hall from each other and blocked off with a gate... so Blake could play in his room or Colby's and still be contained with me for the most part. Blake was great... he even gave me the boppy as soon as I sat down. But when I was part way through Blake decided he needed to sit in the chair with us too. Yeah well that meant that Colby didn't nurse as well and I've been paying for it since!

Oh well these are the little details we still need to iron out. At least at the moment they are both sleeping and I get a bit of time to have lunch and relax. Is it sad that I'm hoping they both take long naps and I have less time alone in the afternoon before Richard gets home from work???


  1. not at all! I used to count down the minutes until hubby would be home and I was no longer alone with the two kids. It gets better, but until then, that was how I managed and what got me through. So I don't think it is wrong at all!

  2. No worries Lori - there isn't a mother in the world who doesn't pray for long naps...

  3. No way....long naps are a gift from God! Glad the day is going well for the most part!

  4. I pray for long naps and for pete to get home. I am glad I get to read this so I know what i am getting into if I go for baby #2


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