A day in the life of Blake

Ok... I was asked to post Blake's typical day... here it is:

Wake up: 6:30/7am (before he leaves the gated area I try to change his diaper and clothes and put away the pacifier)


Walk: make sure you bring with you a bottle of water and a container of cheerios

Playtime: he likes to play outside, upstairs (we have a loft area that has toys and books up there too), in the baby’s room, play on the computer (fisher price.com), read books, color, play with play-doh, play with trucks, cars, and balls, his train, play with his instruments

TV time: 10:00-11:00 I usually put on Nick Jr and let him watch Wonder Pets and Dora. But, you can also see what is on Disney, Noggin, PBS (he has a snack while watching tv too)

Snoozes: 11:00-2:15ish I try to leave him in there until at least 2 unless he wakes up upset or is beginning to fuss. As soon as he sees you he will expect to be able to come out of the gated area

Lunch: 2:00

Playtime: see above


TV time 4:00 He loves Little Bill, Little Bear and then Blue's Clues on Noggin


Walk if it isn’t toooo hot (we usually watch the news and then jeopardy or you can put on a “Blake show”)

Yogurt Shake around 6:30 (you can take this on the walk if you want)

Bathtime 7:00(every other night)

Bedtime 7:00/7:30—change into his PJ’s, give him his pacifier, have him get into bed and then read 4 or 5 of the little books that are on his bed. (Take the diaper pail out to empty before you leave the room) He will probably fuss a bit, but is fine once you are out of his line of sight


  1. blake as a very full day of fun!

  2. He has a busy day!!!! But it sounds like he has a great schedule!

  3. what a great schedule. Lunch and nap time are flipped around here, but I have a similar day. I don't really go for walks much because it is not safe where I live (no sidewalk), but we try to play lots.

  4. very busy day.. but seems like you are on a great schedule!!!

  5. Great schedule. I wish Eliza would nap. Today she only slept 1 1/2 hrs total. How are you doing with coordinating their schedules?

  6. Very similar to our routine- but we have lunch before nap. And we have morning TV, but at night it's park play (weather permitting, of course). : )


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