Baby Borrowers (part 2)

Baby Borrowers is on NBC tomorrow at 8 they have a repeat of last week's show and at 9 they have a new episode.

I got an e-mail today from 360i on behalf of NBC... so I wanted to pass it on to you my readers:

Hi Lori-

I know you mentioned "The Baby Borrowers" recently so I wanted to give you a heads up about the (embeddable) highlight clips & full episodes available over at I thought you might want to share them with your readers so that they can also weigh in on the show :).

Here are the highlight's from last week's episode if you want to check em out:

Alicia's Job

Corey's Chores

Corey's Struggle-

Thanks a lot---To be honest, I'm not totally sure how I feel about it and it was interesting to read your perspective.


Izzy Forman
360i on behalf of NBC


  1. wow! I have never gotten an email from a tv network before! How cool!

  2. i think its kinda watch how they struggle with the diapers but maybe that's b/c i changed 15+ a day

    i dont' understand why they put one girl in a lumber yard, it isn't very "realistic" to me. she doesn't look like she would be a girl that would work there.

    I think it is tougher for the "parents" b/c they don't know the baby and they seem like the babies are older and in a schedule.

    i still struggle with leaving avery...

  3. Oh! This is the show my mom was telling me about! It didn't sound too realistic to me.

    Cool that you got that email, though!

  4. I'm kind of bummed - this looks so interesting but NBC doesn't make it available online outside the US. (ABC is the same way with their shows.) So thanks for your review on it . . .


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