end of the month

Hard to believe that another month has ended. Some times it seems like time is standing still and other times it seems like... I'm playing "catch up" because time is moving too fast.

Things I haven't told you about my little ones this month:

Blake is starting to try to talk more and more. I knew he had the understanding, but didn't have the need (ok with one it's easy to anticipate what he needed!). Now I find him talking to the tv, himself in the mirror, and occasionally to Richard and I. At the same time he is certainly becoming more strong willed and independent (those who know me would wonder where he got those traits...lol!). Indpendent + strong willed + just learning to talk = TANTRUMS!

Colby is starting to find his groove. I wish I could say he was finding his routine, but nope not yet. But, we are getting closer at least. He has started to have a social smile which is always a fun first step in interactions. His gas issues seem to be getting better (knock on wood!).

Changes in my blog---I've added my bloggy bling back onto my side bar. I've also decided to use the new blog roll feature...If your blog isn't listed let me know (notice I only have 10 up so if you want yours seen... you have to blog!)

Well I'm going to try to get back into more of my teacher turned mommy posts (school starts in the next few weeks down here.. guess it's time to get back into teacher mode!). I'm going to add Weekend pictures to my routine.

Sunday: scrapbook page
Monday: weekend pics
Tuesdy, Wednesday, Thursday: up for grabs... oh wait that is when I'll do everything else!
Friday: video
Saturday: random weekend thoughts

Any thoughts to share on improving my board? Anything you'd like to see?


  1. Wow - your page is looking great - and so organized! I need to do something like this, but I'm just not getting to it!

  2. You are so good! I'm dying to gice my blog a makeover but having trouble just posting and commenting daily! I would love to be added to your blog roll. Thanks! P.S. If you are still nursing I have a giveaway for an awesome double electric pump from Bailey Medical!


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