Bath Luve

Colby hated having a bath... actually Colby hated anything that had to do with having no clothes on (still not crazy about the naked thing). So my Mom bought him a Bath Luve. It is made out of towel material. You just warm it up in the bath water and put it on the baby. It covers him from his shoulders to his private parts, so his core stays warm. He is now a lot happier taking a bath.

I would totally get this for someone who was having a baby shower!

(I am not being paid for this... I just wanted to share)
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  1. How neat is that and what a cool (or warm) idea!!!
    Thankfully my two liked having baths...Lauren MUCH more than Avery though!!
    He is too cute!!!

  2. That is so cool! I've never seen one of these before, but what a neat idea!

  3. what a neat idea....and u wont get a "shower" urself!!

  4. Very cute! I could see that being especially useful in the winter months!

    Right now my problem is keeping clothes on my baby . . .

  5. I have never seen that. What an adorable idea. Good find by your mom for sure!


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