random weekend thoughts

1. Quiet time is necessary to stay sane

2. Transiting a "cuddler" to sleeping in his crib is HARD

3. Seeing Blake get back into playing and being himself makes life so much easier on so many levels

4. Planning the week's meals ahead of time makes life easier

5. Leaving a box of rice on the edge of the counter is way to inviting to a toddler... you guessed it... rice EVERYWHERE!!

6. Seeing Blake try to communicate and getting frustrated because he can't get his point across is frustrating!

7. Realizing that 4:30-6:15am is my time to do what I want is more of a gift to myself than a frustration (I say that now, but I am soooo looking forward to sleeping until 6am again!)

8. Trying to figure out why Blake (actually and Abby) have nights where he isn't sleeping all night is frustrating... come on he learned to sleep through the night around 7 months

9. Fresh baked brownies smell yummyyyyy

10. Seeing that random weekend thoughts was the favorite item on my board was fun and shocking all at the same time!

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  1. First off- love the signature! very cute! I do love your random weekend thoughts- a quick snap shot into so many aspects of your life. And, boy do I hear you on the toddler getting frustrated because they are trying to communicate and no one understands.

  2. I love all your random thoughts but can really relate to #5. Rice of all things! Beleive me from experience I know that even when you think you got the last grain more will pop up months down the line!

  3. Glad Blake is being himself again! Wishing you perseverance on the crib thing! And sounds like you had some raining rice - kids are great for causing the most wonderful food disasters!


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