random weekend thoughts

1. Yay Fay has gone away... we still are having a bit of rain, but nothing major... 4 days of a tropical storm was wayyyyy too much

2. Water intrusion .... yes we had water intrusion in Colby's room and the guest bedroom

3. I had planned on telling you I moved Colby into his own room, but read #2 and you'll know why we didn't

4. Getting out during a break in the storm is a welcome change of pace

5. Some children's tv shows were written to drive parents crazy... I swear they were!

6. I realized that I haven't done a lot with Colby that I did with Blake... and had to cope with the fact that I just can't

7. Blake is talking more and more... hmmm maybe he will figure this out on his own. (more in time)

8. Bar-b-que beef made in the crockpot and fresh bread... yeah it was good

9. Having a child who makes food choices based on touch even before taste makes life intersting!

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  1. BBQ beef??? In crock pot. How? Desperate for EZ recipes.

    Big time bummer about the water. Was it very much???

    I hear that the second one is harder to give the same level of attention to from my two-kid+ friends all the time.

    But, they say it all seems to even out in the end . . . so definitely cute yourself some slack.

  2. Whew! I'm glad Fay has passed you now...maybe you can enjoy some of the weekend outside at least ;)


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