Sunday Scrapbook page

I made this page for Blake's first year...
I just started making Colby's...

The thing that was hard on me was I began to realize that I haven't done somethings with Colby that I did with Blake. I try very hard to give them both attention, but Blake is a bit more demanding than Colby. I don't want Colby to miss out on something that he needs because I'm focused on giving Blake what he needs. I want both my boys to get individual attention. I want both my boys to develop at the right pace (or faster). I want both my boys to be given everything they need to be successful.

But, I realize that when it was just Blake I could spend more time playing the itty bitty games. I also realize that Colby has the advantage of having a role model in Blake. That Colby gets to see things that Blake didn't just because Colby has Blake around. I realize that Colby will have different opportunities.

But, I also realize that I have to work on fairness (my definition of fair is giving each what they need to do the best that they can)... I just have to make sure I give Colby everything he needs just as I have always tried to give Blake what he needs.

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  1. your pages are beautiful- what a wonderful way to keep those memories.

    I think any mom of 2 or more struggles with making sure you give each child everything they need. I know I have written posts just like that many times!

  2. Those are amazing. You did such an awesome job. I keep wondering how in the world I would divide my attention up between two kids.

  3. Love the pages! I need to do something like that!

    Having two babies so close is always "fun," I'm told. It makes sense that the older gets more attention - since he's more aware of what's going on, while the little one won't remember that you let him cry a little long. And you're right - having an older as a role model will be an advantage to Colby.


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