TS Fay


Tuesday we were supposed to get hit hard by Fay... yeah we had nothing more than our typical afternoon storm (ok it was allllll day, but still). It rained but not hard and the wind blew but not strong

Tuesday night Richard took Blake out on the back porch to play before bed

Wednesday we were in the eye of the storm for most of the day. So we had misty rain every once in a while, but nothing big. I actually took both boys for a walk in the morning and then Blake and I played on the porch while Colby took one of his naps

Thursday... well it started raining hard about 8:30pm Wednesday night and was like that all night. this is what our porch looked like this morning


We seem to be in a lull right now, but they are saying that the wind and rain could be effecting us all day today and tomorrow... GREAT!

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  1. Wow the wind is really blowing hard! It looks like your son had fun playing on the back porch before the wind came!

  2. The wind is rally blowing! Wow! I am glad you are okay and everyone is safe. I hope Fay passes on soon though so Blake can get out and play.

  3. Happy that Fay wasn't too rough for you!!

  4. I am glad you didn't get anything too bad....

  5. Well, I'm glad it wasn't too stormy or anything...hopefully it will clear up quickly though so you can enjoy some more time outside!

  6. I'm glad you guys are OK....we're supposed to get the rain here in GA tomorrow!

  7. Rain, Rain, go away. Come again some other day!

  8. glad it isn not effecting u 2 bad. still...i am sure u have had enough!


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