Kids tv shows

Well lets continue yesterdays discussion...

Here are Blake's top 5 favorite tv shows:
1. Little Bill... grrr they switched this from 4pm to 2pm... so much for using it to cook!
2. Super Why ... I would like this show even more if they didn't do everything in capital letters
3. Dora the Explorer
4. Go Diego Go
5. Wonder Pets

My top 5 favorite kids shows:
1. Little Bill.. I admit I really like this one too
2. Sid the Science Kid.. I hope it's still on when he gets a bit older it will be fun to do the experiments with him
3. Backyardigans
4. Reading Rainbow
5. Hmmm I'm not sure I have a 5th one

So what shows do your kids like to watch? What kids shows do you like to watch too?? (come on I know I'm not the only Mom out there who has their favorites!)

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  1. Trey loves the singing on of the backyardigans, and I am not a huge fan of wonder pets but I cant help but sing along to their little song. Braydons loves Diego too.

  2. the only show Gianna shows a full interest in is Teletubbies. I looked for it on my cable guide last night... and it isn't on at all. I think they may have stopped playing it!!!!

    She also likes Handy Manny, but only when they sing the two songs lol. And we watch little einstiens now, (it didn't used to be on when she would watch tv) and she likes to pat her legs along with them. But they are very limited with how much they keep her attention....

    My favorites...I like mickey mouse clubhouse :) Maybe I'm partial because I used to watch the mickey mouse club when I was a kid? hehe

  3. I'm guessing Barney is not a favorite anymore? That's all Karlen watched when she was little. Oh yeah, The Big Comfy Couch was another favorite. I'm showing my age now, my baby is 14!!!
    Julie :)

  4. I love the Backyardigans too... We don't have Nickelodeon...only watch Playhouse Disney! So we know those shows by heart.. I don't mind the Wiggles and Avery likes them pretty well. They have catchy songs. He likes Higglytown Heroes too - that kind of drives me crazy sometimes with the pessimistic squirrel (Fran).

  5. Buzz Lightyear of Starcommand is the all time fave...but they also are really into retro shows like Smurfs, Scooby Doo and the Flintstones...we have a new Teletoon Retro channel and it's fun to watch our shows with them...they think it's so neat that those shows were on when we were kids.

  6. I think the Backyardigans are so cute!!!

    J only gets Baby Einstein once in a blue moon for right now. He LOVES the puppets!!!

  7. love Reading Rainbow!! my kids at school love Dora and Diego!

  8. Allie LOVES Little Bear! I do too and Jack is too little to care, for now

  9. Lyndsy's fav - Zoboomafoo

    My fav - Super Why

  10. Who DOESN'T love "Little Bill?"

    I LOVE that show. Just thought I'd share.


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