Friday Video

Yesterday Colby turned 3 months old. Sometimes it seems like he's been around a lot longer than that, and other times it seems like just yesterday I was trying to come up with a name for him.

I was looking at Blake's baby calendar and was sort of shocked at how similar they are doing things and what things I'm doing totally differently with them. Somethings I did a lot earlier with Blake (like moving him to his crib), and somethings I've done a lot earlier with Colby (like having him sit in the carriage and not the car seat on the carriage).

I also find it funny that I still get excited over the little things even though I've been through this all with Blake already. Colby is starting to hold onto his toys more (as can be seen in the video). Yesterday, he even grabbed at and held onto the octopus and monkey on his play mat.

My boys are so different in a lot of ways, but I know they will be great friends.

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  1. Happy 3-month birthday, Colby! You and your brother are so blessed to have each other, and a great mommy, too!

  2. WOW... 3 months has gone by... It feels like just yesterday you were still pregnant awaiting for your new arrival... How time flies!!!

  3. ahhhhhhhhh... very sweet!

    makes me miss that stage... (then I remember I need more sleep)

  4. I know...I shrae the exact same sentiments with's funny how fast time goes...and how excited we get about our 2nd baby doing new things, even though we already saw our first one do them all. :) And I too am hoping that my kids will be the best of friends!!

  5. I totally get what you mean about feeling like they have been here forever and feeling like they just got here. I feel that way about Jillian all the time!


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