Mommy Meme

Jujuboo passed on this meme to me....

First: Post a picture of you and your kids.

Second: Answer the questions.

1. How many children do you have? 2 boys

2. What are their ages? Blake is 22 months and Colby is 3 months

3. What time of day do you start your day? usually 6am, but often as early at 4am depending on Colby... Blake usually sleeps until 7 or 7:30

4. What do you eat for breakfast? Cereal with milk

5. Do they watch TV? Blake does (Disney, Nick Jr., PBS kids, and Noggin are usually on here)... Colby well he likes the colors

6. What are their favorite activities? Blake: coloring, helping cook, running around like a crazy man, playing with his tools, playing with cars Colby: eating, sleeping, going for a walk, playing on his play mat or in his jumparoo

7. Do you get a break during the day from them? NAPTIME! I try to over lap their naps by at least 45 min

8. How do you end your day? working on the computer, tv time with hubby, doing abs, reading my book, going to bed

9. What is your best parenting advice or tip? Don't try to do everything all the time. Having fun with your kids is more important than making sure the house is spotless. My children will also learn two things... never go to bed angry and never leave without saying "I love you"

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  1. that is a great family pic! And great advice for your boys.

  2. Aw, great list!
    Thanks for the tag :-)

  3. Thanks for the tag! Got to get a picture to post!

  4. Thanks for the tag I am going to do mine tonight!!


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