random weekend thoughs

1. having a lap top makes it easier to check in during the day

2. watching Blake play with his toys more and more creatively makes me smile

3. seeing Colby gain strength and play shows his developmental progress

4. listening to my sons and husband laugh together is the best sound in the world

5. tuna melts... a treat from my childhood

6. breakfast for dinner always a treat

7. hugs from Blake

8. Hearing Blake try to say more and more words (and having them be understandable helps too)

9. Good night hugs are the best


  1. Awe . . . talking and playing! Wow.

    The talking thing . . . crazy!!!

  2. mmmm breakfast for dinner. I can't wait for E to talk!

  3. love love loooove breakfast for dinner... it always makes me a lil bit happier that night!! :)

  4. I totally agree on the good night hugs.


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