random weekend thoughts

1. Getting my blog layout done before the end of the month... that is an accomplishment! (yes I know I still need to change the pic of the boys on the side... I don't have the right picture yet... I'll get there!)

2. Kicking brownies up another notch... is sinful! (I took and made a 9X13 pan of brownies, cut it in half length wise, put cream cheese frosting over one layer, topped it with the other layer and followed it up with another layer of frosting...).... can you say YUMMY!

3. Not Me Monday was fun... I encourage you to try it (plus I had over 130 readers that day... that's major!)

4. When both boys are crying at the same time life is too frustrating to think

5. Having the weather in the 60s for our morning walk means we can take a longer walk

. Finding time to read every night is necessary... at least in my book it is

7. Realizing that the calmer I am, the better behaved the boys are... that's a big part of parenting (hard, but big)

8. Feeling brain dead makes it hard to come up with my list of random thoughts!

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  1. love the new header. I totally agree with making time to read. It is a must. I thought the not me monday was awesome. I am thinking of doing it this week too.

  2. Time to read - that sounds heavenly! Though I shall make the time . . . I actually finished a book today.

    Brownies and reading do NOT mix. Or you end up with no brownies. That would be my random thought for the day!

  3. OMG I love your new layout. Do you do all that yourself? What program do you use?

    I cannot believe you just posted how to make brownies better. And with cream cheese?!?! There goes my calorie counting for the weekend. Thanks.

    I wish our weather got down into the 60s. At 7am is it already in the 80s here. I miss the north :(

    By the way: Ive got bloggy bling for you over at my place.

  4. your layouts are too cute! You should start a business!

  5. Those brownies sound delicious. See if I were you I would take that pan of brownies and hid in a quiet room with a book everytime both boys are crying. Sounds good right!?

    BTW the new topper is cute.

  6. two crying kids at the same time... that's tough!!

  7. love the new layout!! brownies...yum


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