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I had a few comments yesterday on my new blog topper. Yes, I made it myself. No, I'm not going to go into business making them... not only do I not have the time to do it, I use freebie scrapbook stuff which I couldn't use if I sold them toppers. I enjoy making them for myself, and I've made 1 or 2 for friends, but I think if I did them all the time for others I'd see it more as a chore and not enjoy it as much.

I get bored with looking at the samething month after month. I change my MyYahoo background and my iGoogle topper at least every month too. I know a lot of people like to set up one format and stick with it... I say go for it... me I like change!

As for how I make them, I use PhotoShop Elements 5, but you can do it with any scrapbook software. I have downloaded a lot of free digital scrapbooking stuff from here there and everywhere on the net. I get a lot of my stuff from Scrapbook Flair, they have free digital scrapbooking software if you are looking to get started.

I did not make a new scrapbook page this week (I did make the new topper and labels and such...). But you can go back and look at my other ones here if you are missing seeing my digital scrapbook work!

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  1. I like scrapbook too. you did a great job on your topper though

  2. It looks great and thanks for the tip!

  3. It's very cute! You do have talent!

  4. It IS cute! I'm so impressed that you did a whole blog makeover for Halloween - I can't wait to see THanksgiving's!

  5. OMG... i soooo love it.. you are so good!!

  6. love the new look!

    I'm a scrapper... but NOT a computer person.

    last time I tried to mess with the blog... I messed it up so bad that I'm afraid to try again!

    have to go the "boring route" for now.

  7. I like the new look! Very cute!


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