Simple easy meals

As a mother, I've come to love having a repertoire of simple easy go to meals. Richard and I sit down the night before we go grocery shopping and plan out the weeks meals. That way we aren't having to stop at the store to pick up stuff andddd there's less stress over what to have each night. We plan out week and weekend meals. Anything that's more time intense we do on the weekend. I also try to make things that will create leftovers. That way if things get crazy I can always use a "heat and eat meal"

This week we have planned:
Monday-- Italian Stoup Sauce over spaghetti
Tuesday-- Meatball subs
Week day 3-- Salsa chicken over cous cous
Week day 4--American Chop Suey (leftovers)
Friday-- dinner from the grocery store

We typically have some kind of Mexican, Itaian and comfort food each week.

So, who else plans their meals ahead of time? What is your favorite go-to meal? Do you cook so there are leftovers?
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  1. I NEED to do this. We look at each other and say "what's for dinner" hour later we still are asking the same question!!!

  2. I need to start doing this too! But when I make meals I often make something big so that we can have the leftovers for another 2 or 3 meals!

  3. I do try and plan meals. I also have leftovers 2-3 times a week. I love leftovers and food that lends itself to being leftover like chili!!!

  4. i plan my meals!! it helps a lot!!

  5. Good idea... let me test it out

    Mon- eat out
    Tue- eat out
    Wed- eat at my in-laws
    Thursday eat out
    Fri- pizza (ordered out)

    Wow that was easy! Thanks for the idea.

    (Ok I love the idea of meal planning, but we never eat at home because we are always away and my hubby is so picky that I just gave up. I would totally do this though if I was responsible for dinner every week)


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