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Since Blake can't write or even sign his own thank you cards, I decided to show him loving his gifts. I had originally wanted to have a pic of him opening each gift, but as I said before that didn't work out... soooo here was my solution:


Got to love a quick thank you card!

to answer some scrapbook questions I've had asked of me...

The program I use to make my digi scrap pages is Photo Shop Elements 5. I get my backgrounds and embellishments from a variety of places... and to this date I've yet to pay for any of them.... got to love freebies!!

I'm often asked if I print out my pages... for the most part... no. Every couple of months (shockingly, I don't have a set time frame for this) I make 5 4x6 pages to put into my wall frames. Other than that I just save the pages on my computer. I plan on burning cd's for each boy with all the pictures I've taken of them that year with the scrapbook pages included.

Yes, I take a ton of pictures of the boys. I have folders for each boy with sub folders for each month. I love to capture the everyday activities. Most of my pictures are of the boys just being themselves, not set/staged pictures. I upload them every 2 or 3 days and quickly edit them with Kodak Easy Share. I then e-mail them off to family members.

hope these answer some of your questions about why I digi scrap. If you want to see more of my work you can check out my page on Scrapbook Flair

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  1. Very cute thank you card! I definitely need to be inspired by you!

  2. That's a cute idea for a thank-you card. I think I might steal it in the spring when I'm planning a big birthday bash for Jillian's 1 and Lyndsy's 4. There b-days are a month apart so I think I will combine this year. After that I will probably need to give them each their own party, I don't want to make them share forever. But one picture will all the presents is a once and done with a lot less writing for me!!!!

  3. Have never seen anything like this as a Thanks card before. Very cool idea!!!

  4. I love the thank you card! Great idea!

    I, too, at one point did some digi scrapbook pages, but I am such a hands-on person, and I like to have them in my hands, and not look at it on the computer.. I guess I'm old-fashioned.. Oh well.. lol.. I gave it a shot. :)

  5. I love this idea!! My youngest turns 1 in Jan. I may have to "borrow" it!! :O) Have a blessed week!

  6. Love the thank you card idea, it was so cute..

    I tried to look click through and your my page link did not go through...

    I love all you scrapbooking. I take a ton of pictures and I really should do something fun with them.. Thank you for sharing your inspiration.

  7. I have always taken pictures of my kids with all their gifts. I think it is a great idea. Do it with all their candy at Halloween too. Love the cards and all your scrapbook pages. Neat idea!

  8. That's a fantastic thank you card!

  9. I am just getting into digital scrapbooking, and I LOVE it! There are so many sites for free stuff!

    Because of my husband's work, I get to use Adobe Photoshop CS2. There is a lot to learn, but you can do so much!

  10. I plan on doing that for N for his Christmas & birthday gifts. I figure it is a win win situation. Cards are done and everyone gets a pic of him!!


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