Not Me Monday (week 12)

How appropriate that the 12th week of Not Me Monday is the week of Christmas!

Yes... sadly it is that time again for Not Me Monday. You don't know what Not Me Monday is?? Where have you been?? Just Kidding! Not Me Monday is a creation of MckMomma from my charming kids. It is that time of the week where you look back and shake your head. It's the time to relive and laugh all those moments of the past week that you can't believe happened, or wish never happened or those moments that just deserve a good laugh.

Write your own NOT Me Monday list, then head over to my charming kids to see what other people did NOT do this week!

1. I did Not have my whole slice and half of Richard's slice of creme de menthe pie last night... nope I wouldn't eat that much of a pie I've craved for over 3 years now!

2. I did not shake my head when I saw a mother, with her elementary aged children, wearing a shirt that said "school makes me throw up a little bit" and think... and you picked your children up from school wearing that??

3. I did not, in less than 2 minutes after the above observation, see a mother driving with her toddler STANDING in the front seat of the car. And I did not wish I saw a police officer nearby to complain to... come on... how many rules are you going to break??

4. I did not make Richard stop and buy another humidifier last night when we were driving home from Christmas with my family.... no I wouldn't have two children both with head colds and be out way past their bedtimes and then stop to get something at the store

5. Richard and I did not have to open the gifts for both boys because Blake would never refuse to open gifts... no I don't have a 2 year old who does NOT like to open gifts... and he would never get upset with any toy that makes noise

6. I did not forget to post how I made the double layer mint brownies last week after multiple people asked me how I made it... nope I'm not that absent minded... espeically since I took a pic of them to show when I posted the directions... and I don't plan on posting them later today (if I remember)

7. I do not have a toddler in tears because he isn't feeling well and is just miserable today. He would not be mad at me because he wants to use the main computer and I don't want to go put it on andddd Colby's awake and that is something we do when Colby is napping

8. I did not finally manage to cut wayyyy back on the tv that the boys watch and decide to limit it to an hour right after naps and a half hour before dinner, other than days like today when we can't get outside and they need chill out and do nothing moments.... nope I wouldn't leave myself that out!

9. I did not decide that we would open the gifts that got mailed to the boys this week instead of holding them for Christmas day because that would be silly... nope I'm not trying to spread out all the gift opening.

10. I would not plan out all the things I need to make for Christmas and spread them out over the next few days

11. I would not be looking forward to seeing what if any gifts Blake likes from Santa... at least Santa doesn't wrap so we don't have to open those gifts for him too

12. I did not write 12 things just because it's the 12th not me for me in the 12th month and the week of Christmas... nope never!


  1. All this talk about sweeet food is making me hungry.. I'm not going to go bake cookies now, lol.

  2. Oh, it makes me so mad when I see kids in the front seat let alone standing and not buckled! Great list!! Have a great Christmas!

  3. Great list.. man, mothers who don't care about their kids make me mad.. *sigh*

  4. Would have called the police on that crazy lady. The shirt drives me nuts...Happy Monday!!!

  5. Great list! I would never eat a pan of brownies/pie either *grin*!

  6. Santa doesn't wrap. That is a brilliant idea!

  7. Santa does not wrap here either....Cute post.

  8. My 2 year old son, has absolutely no interest in opening gifts either. At is birthday in Oct, I had to do it all and then he just threw the toys beside him.....we'll see how Christmas goes this year but I don't have my hopes up!!


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