Friday Video



  1. Can they get any cuter?

    I just love Blake dancing around and imitating Dora..that's adorable!

    I can't believe Colby can hold his own bottle like that..Allie's so not there yet! Amazing how they develop at such different speeds!

    Do you have problems finding socks that will stay on? Everything we buy for Allie(and I've tried every brand I know of) come off within five minutes!

  2. i love the one of blake and dora! avery loves dora too...glad he isn't the only boy!

    that is sweet how he is feeding colby!

  3. OMG the last one is freaking ADORABLE>

  4. Blake was adorable dancing..he has got some moves. Love the last sweet...Colby is getting around good. Not much longer.


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