Ok I'm slacking! Here are some updates on things I've talked about in the last week or so... and a bit more!

The concert Friday night... Jim Brickman is awesome. If you are saying... who is he? You probably know some of his music, but don't realize it as he doesn't sing most of his songs. Some of his more popular songs are: The Gift, Valentine, Love of My Life, Simple Things, Peace. He had Anne Cochran singing with him and she sang an AWESOME song of hers too, called Wishing Well.

Our night out at Disney was great. We were both sore Saturday night from all the walking that we did. We had lunch then spent a few hours at Disney Quest. We went to dinner and then went and splurged and shared an ice cream sundae at Giardellis. On Sunday we had breakfast at the hotel then went to a local outlet to do a bit of shopping for ourselves.

The boys did great for my mom both nights which is a good thing!

Colby's first tooth finally broke through the gum on Monday. You still can't see it unless you look hard, you know how it is, but trust me it's there! The 2nd tooth is getting really close to busting through the gums too. He is also had figured out how to get up on his hands and knees and is bouncing back and forth, but getting no where still... yes I realize that means he will soon be moblie and I will have two going in two different directions... oh joy!

The weather is the last thing I planned on updating you all on... you know how last week at this time I was complaining about the freezes we had been having? Yeah well first of all 3 days of freezes in Florida is 2 too many, and all the plants now look like crap and we aren't sure how many plants and trees we are going to lose from the frost burn. Well this week we are having above normal temperatures... got to love the swing from days where we were lucky to hit 55 to days were we are flirting with 80. Yes, we are back into our shorts and out loving the sandbox again. Oh and don't hate us too much we are going to be back into the low 60s again this weekend.

Ok I think I touched on everything but the sleeping issues and I don't want to talk about that... lol

let me know if I missed any of the updates.

(yes the new blog layout is coming soon... black, white and pink)


  1. That is exciting everything going on. The concert would have been so fun,.....and disney!!! I have always wanted to go to Florida and experience that. My lil sisters and parents went a couple of years ago.

    Woohoo one of his teeth broke through! I hope that brings him some relief.

  2. Right after Allie's first tooth broke her second one was quick to follow too!

    shhh..I'm not talking about sleeping but I hope the issues are getting better :) Ours sure aren't!

  3. i want to go see brickman so very badly! someday maybe...after reading your blog i had to pull out his cd!

    glad disney was great and im sure it was nice to get away!

    hope the sleeping gets better and yay on a tooth!

  4. This post has me jealous all over the place!! I love Jim Brickman, we used one of his songs at our wedding...and you live close enough to just go to Disney when you want??? Ugh!! I LOVE Disney!!

    Have a blessed day!

  5. Wow your weather is all over the place. I am so glad you had a good time at Disney.

    Have I told you how jealous I am. For us a trip to Disney is a five year plan!!

  6. So glad you had a great time away and that the boys were so good too. Hopefully, they are sleeping better for you too.
    Can't believe you were in shorts...again. *sigh*

  7. Congrats to C on the tooth! And do enjoy that weather for us...

  8. Sounds like you guys are doing great!

    Everything changes when the second one starts moving. Eli gets into EVERYTHING! At least it makes life interesting, right?

  9. Yeah about the tooth! THat is so exciting! Oh and I'm glad your time away went well!


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