When I shut down last night I needed 40 more hits to get to 10,000... and when I checked this morning I was at 10, 010. Thank you all for visiting my blog and joining me on my journey through Mommyhood!

No one sent me information on being the 10,000th visitor... somehow I figured that would happen.
But, Erin (who has a private blog) took a picture
That was pretty close in my book. I am going to make her a siggy. If the 10,000th visitor had let me know, I was going to make them a siggy and a scrapbook page. I had planned to make siggies for anyone who took a picture, so Erin... you are the winner!

on to 20,000.... lol!



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  2. Congrats Erin! Drat! I didn't even think of checking which hit I was lol. Woohoo you made it to 10k!

  3. Way to go!!

    I should of taken a picture last night. For sure I will at 20 000.

    This is fun!

  4. How could I have missed it? Oh yea, I was in bed earlier than usual. Of course. Congrats on 10,000 hits.

  5. I missed it b/c I went to bed early.. grrr.... Oh well. Congrats to the winner!

  6. It was me!!! WOW! I clicked over here for the first time from a comment on someone else's blog, and there it was, or, here I was! I took a pic, but I got distracted and forgot to send it. No biggie, I'm just excited that it was me, but then again I feel bad that it wasn't a regular reader (although I'm one now!).


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