Menu planning (week

Richard and I were planning our menu for next week and decided that I should have an adendum to my menu planning at the end of each week to tell you what we actually had for dinner each night. So here is what we planned...

Friday: Subs or Chicken from Publix
Sat.: Buffalo Chicken Chili --this is a new recipe for us to try
Sun.: homemade Stromboli (yep that's what Richard is making this week)

I plan 4 week day meals and the decide as the week goes on which we will have which day depending on how things are going at home
day 1: pretzel crusted chicken tenders
day 2: mac & cheese
day 3: pressed sandwiches
day 4: tacos

Friday: Chicken wings from Publix
Sat.: Buffalo Chicken Chili --this was rather good, but I Lorized it so I can't tell you if the exact recipe is good or not... lol!
Sun.: homemade Stromboli

Monday: pretzel crusted chicken tenders with corn from the farmer's market
Tuesday: steak and rice -- I went to the grocery store that day and Richard requested steak so we went with that
Wednesday: pressed sandwiches with tomato soup
Thursday: tacos

Hey we were close, only changing one meal is pretty good for us! Watch tomorrow for next week's meal plans!

Oh and there are some really good videos coming tomorrow too... lots again this week, but so worth watching including one of Colby walking with his walker!


  1. I change things in the middle of the week all the time..with kids you have to sometimes :) Can't wait to see Colby walking..I still can't get my videos loaded but I'm going to keep trying this weekend.

  2. you did better than I did this week. We only ate half the meals I planned. It got strangely crazy around here- oh wait, that is normal :)


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