Menu planning (week 1)

It seems like a lot of people have jumped on the menu planning bandwagon. I've done this for years. I find it so much easier to go grocery shopping if I know what we are making during the week. It helps me focus on what I'm shopping for. Richard and I sit down and come up with a list of meals we want to have during the week and then I make the grocery list based on that. I do pick up some random things I see in the store that are on sale, but for the most part I get what we have on the list.

This is our menu for the coming week (we shop on Friday so I plan Friday through Thursday):

Friday: Subs or Chicken from Publix
Sat.: Buffalo Chicken Chili --this is a new recipe for us to try
Sun.: homemade Stromboli (yep that's what Richard is making this week)

I plan 4 week day meals and the decide as the week goes on which we will have which day depending on how things are going at home
day 1: pretzel crusted chicken tenders
day 2: mac & cheese
day 3: pressed sandwiches
day 4: tacos

We buy chicken and ground chicken at BJ's so we almost always have this in the freezer. Other than having to get some things for the chili and the pressed sandwich stuff we have the stuff to make all these meals at home already. That is the great thing with planning... we often have the stuff to make the meals already and then we have to just fill in some of the fresh items that are needed.


  1. Menu planning def. helps! I usually designate days but wind up switching things around based on how the week goes. I wish Pete would offer suggestions. he always says he doesn't care and I think he thinks he is being easy and helpful. Is that the Rachel Ray Buffalo Chicken Chili?

  2. DUH me. I clicked the link and saw that it was RR. i made that one a while back. It was ok for me- but I know others who love it.

  3. im doing this too...i want a full review of the buffalo chicken chili. once i can eat spicy/tomato products again i shall be trying it!

  4. ok i haven't made that one yet. but we also like the buffalo chicken pot pie!

  5. Your menu sounds yummy...what are pressed sandwiches? Might have to try that chili recipe. YUM

  6. you just reminded me that I have been meaning to make mac and cheese. next week for sure!!

  7. I menu plan too! I can't imagine grocery shopping without a menu plan anymore. I never had the right ingredients before- now, like you- we pick out our meals- figure out what we already have and just buy what is missing. I love menu planning!

  8. That chili sounds yummy. Would love to hear how it turns out.

  9. We're starting to menu plan too... I'm excited about it! :)


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