random weekend thoughs

1. Why is it that we as adults see how precious sleep is and get so little of it?

2. I think the saying should be when a toddler doesn't nap, no one is happy! Ok so the nap thing with Blake is a bit better ( I can't believe I said that I hope I totally don't jinx myself again!), but it is still a struggle to convince him he needs to take a nap. I wish I could figure out the button to push to convince him that sleep is a good thing.

3. Having Richard home all weekend last weekend was great and he is home again this weekend too

4. The bike trailer for the kids is a great investment... they love going for a ride with Daddy, and Daddy gets to go for a bike ride with less guilt... oh and mommy gets alone time. Everyone wins with this one! (I'm going to try to push it while rollerblading this weekend, I'll let you know how that goes... if it works it means I can rollerblade during the week!!)

5. Going out to lunch during the week is a rare and wonderful treat

6. Triple chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting (need I say more?)

7. Getting outside to play on a regular basis is great for the boys... oh and then the temperature dropped 20 degrees in one day (our low on Thursday was Friday's high) and the winds picked up sooooo

8. Watching the boys play is one of my biggest joys. The funny thing is right now they play better when I'm not in the room then when I am.. lol

9. Now that Colby is mobile he wants whatever toy Blake is playing with (typically)... the problem is Colby can't understand why he can't have it, and Blake can't tell him either... so I often have to step in and try to find something else to distract Colby. Blake is getting pretty good at trying to give Colby something else to play with, but that doesn't always work either. Oh the joys of teaching taking turns and sharing!

10. It was cool to see a few of my loyal readers decide to start doing random weekend thoughts on their blogs too. I'm honored that you enjoy it so much you are doing it on your site!!

(thanks for the kuddos on the new layout... I was ready for a change!)


  1. We loved our Bike Trailer too. Best investment for the outdoors ever. Yes, why don't kids see the value or the need for a nap?

  2. I think Eliza will totally stop napping in a month or two. Her bed time is going to be 6:30 haha. I miss going out for an occasional lunch. Eliza and I will have to go out one day soon. i'm going to see if I can get some Random Thoughts up!

  3. Now that Jillian is older and mobile, Lyndsy is definitely having to learn to deal with a whole new set of rules.

  4. The world certainly changed at our house when Riley could go get what he wanted - now I deal with the screaming and tantrum aftermath (from both kids- okay and sometimes me!) I do not look forward to the day Riley decides to stop napping. I don't think I can handle two kids running around crazy all day long- I like that little 'break' time.

  5. haha...yep, Emily and Tate definitely play better when I'm not in the room too! If I'm in the room ALL Emily wants is for me to take her. ;)

  6. We have a bike trailor, too. N really loved it. Hopefully he will continue to like it come Spring. Luckily, Hubby has the responsibilty of pulling them on his bike.
    You did a great job on Pam's siggy and header!!

  7. Caleb isn't handling the naps well either right now. It's been taking an hour and a half to get him down and he thinks he's ready to get up a half an hour later. Little does he know that it's not going to happen :) OOOOHHH the cupcakes sound so good..did you make them? If so please share the recipe!!! You just can't get enough chocolate

  8. Triple chocolate cupcakes sound pretty yummy!!


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