Well more people want to have a signature give-away soooo here it is (oh and just so you know it's a lot easier for me to make signatures than toppers so, works for me!)

Here's your challenge:

When will Colby's next tooth break through the gums? Pick a date that you think we will see tooth #3 in my little guys mouth. The person who guesses closest will win a signature. Be sure to check what everyone else has guessed. (oh and just to let you know... it is already bothering him)

You have until Wednesday to get your guess in!

March 6th - pam from country mouse, city mouse
March 7th - Elaine from Matters of the heart
March 8th - Heather from Always Wear Clean Under Roos
March 9th - Melissa from Working Mommy of Two
March 10th - Kelly W. from The Adventures of Ryan
March 11th - Honey Mommy
March 12th - Shanilie at Shanilie's Moments
March 13th - Mimi from He & Me + 3
March 14th - Shoebee from Shoebee's Happenings
March 15th - Dana from Just Talk
March 18th - Pam from Random Thoughts


  1. My guess is March 6th:)

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  3. That's a tough one. I will say March 7th.... =)

  4. My guess is March 18th- just because that is Ashlyn's birthday. I have a fabulous siggy from you that I love so I actually hope someone else wins and can have your wonderful work!

  5. I guess I'll pick March 11th.

    I was going to go with the 10th because it's Eli's birthday, but it's already taken!

  6. Well you have been more than generous to me so I won't be greedy and go for more but I wish everyone luck!

  7. Contests are so much fun. To be different I will go with March 12th. But I can imagine it happening sooner. Sometimes they take their time coming through, then other times they surprise you by peaking through quickly.

  8. Have to go with my birthday March 14th.

  9. that stinks, all the dates I wanted are taken!! BOOOO... So I guess I'll go with March 15th!!


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