Menu planning (week 2- revisited)

Friday: fish or tuna sandwiches (depends on what we find at the store for fresh fish)
Saturday: mac & cheese with leftover taco meat mixed in (yes this is the mac & cheese we were going to make during the week)
Sunday: bar-b-que chicken pizza

day 1: pork chops
day 2: meatloaf muffins with garlic mashed potatoes
day 3: steak fajitas
day 4: chicken tenders salad

Friday: grilled tilapia
Saturday: taco mac & cheese
Sunday: Grilled pizza with bar-b-que chicken
Monday: meatloaf muffins with garlic smashed potatoes and peas
Tuesday: steak fajitas
Wednesday: Apples and Onions pork chops -- this was a new recipe for us that we both liked, but will certainly switch it up and make it more "us" next time
Thursday: chicken tenders salad with homemade cheddar cheese bread


  1. sounds like you stuck to your menu pretty well- I need to come to your house for dinner :)

  2. oohhh...chedder cheese bread sounds yummy!

  3. Is it completely pathetic I'm licking my lips while reading this??

  4. mmm.... yum yum yum!!! love chicken salads!!! and steak fajitas!!

  5. I so need to do this!! Great idea.

  6. Some of your recipes sound familiar to mom just gave me a cookbook ...a Chicken soup for the soul series cookbook for moms!


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