Menu planning (week 4-- revisited)

planned menu:
Friday: tuna wraps
Saturday: cheddar bacon burgers
Sunday: order out

day 1: sweet and sour meatballs
day 2: steak ums
day 3: baked potatoes and salad
day 4: leftovers of some kind

Friday: tuna wraps
Saturday: cheese burgers and corn on the cob
Sunday: meatball pizza and baked ziti
Monday: Steak and cheese subs
Tuesday: sweet and sour meatballs with rice
Wednesday: leftover pizza and baked ziti
Thursday: baked potato and salad

I was asked a few times if Blake eats the same as Richard and I so this week I thought I'd post Blake's menu too... lol

Friday: tuna (right out of the can), cheese, tortilla wrap
Saturday: hot dog and banana (he doesn't like burgers)
Sunday: meatball pizza
Monday: sub roll, cheese (he had steak on his plate too, but refused to even try it)
Tuesday: sweet and sour meatballs and peanut butter... don't ask!
Wednesday: leftover pizza
Thursday: chicken nuggets and banana



  1. I always enjoy getting ideas from you!! Especially, when hubby is on afternoons, I have a harder time getting meals for just the kids.

  2. you do a great job with your planning! This week my meals were quick and fast and an out to eat night because we were crazy busy

  3. I just started menu planning this week...I LOVE not having to think and think and think about what to make for supper/lunch each day! :)


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