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As a former teacher, I have been closely following the budget deficits in the education system here in Florida. When Orange County Public school announced earlier in the school year that they were projecting a $102 million budget cut for the fall, I was disappointed and a bit shocked. It is sad to know that our students would lose out, the schools will have to close, the new teachers will not be hired, that special areas maybe cut... that the children in the state are not respected.

Yeah... that is nothing! The state has re-evaluated the budget again, and cut education more. Orange county now has $240 million deficit!

I don't get it! I really don't! How could you not see that you are harming children by doing this? How could you not see that the children of this state are going to lose out. This state is not exactly known for having a strong education system to begin with so I know.... lets cut the budget even more.

The sad thing is the state was just beginning to realize that things needed to be done to help the eduction system. They passed a class size amendment limiting the number of students in each class. They passed money to help children get pre-k not only in public schools, but also providing the funding to help them attain it in day cares / preschools. They upped the educational expectations of the people who teach these classes. The implemented the F-CAT test, a whole other post... for another day.

So what does the state now do.... SLASH the eduction budget. Yes, I realize that the money has to come from some where. And, yes I realize that the state also passed an amendment that effects property taxes. But, come on... there has to be other things you can cut some money from. Richard was telling me about an article he read that said the government was reviewing some of the pet project spending in the state and they decided that there was nothing to cut... ummm this money went to things like Super Bowl tickets, dirt, Bibles, plane tickets... hello... why are these things more important that the children of the state? Why are these things more important then the educators? Why are these things more important than the future?

I want to know when these people are going to realize that cutting things from schools effects everyone. I know lets make school less appealing by cutting sports, art, music, computer lab, that kind of thing. I know lets make it more challenging for students to get into college by making them less rounded not more. Lets up the number of students who drop out because there is less motivation for them to stay. Lets take away the children's outlets for creativity and athletic ability. Lets make more work for the teachers by taking away special area time... more time in the classroom... more lessons to plan. Less time to collaborate with each other, less time to get work done during the work hours, less time to set up materials for the next lesson, less time to make that call to the parent who needs to know something about their child.

I don't get it... I really don't!



  1. It is pretty sickening. I honestly can say I probably wouldn't send Eliza to a school that just had th no options, for music, drama, sports, art etc. I know it is coming down to the ame thing in NJ.

  2. I totally agree!!!! I was a teacher in Dade county for a couple of years, and was so discouraged! The children were missing out. It's hard to provide them the best possible education when there is a huge lack in funding. It's a vicious cycle that needs to be broken.

  3. Oh, I really don't have the time or energy to comment on states slashing money from education. It's truly sad, frustrating, mind boggling, and just dumb.

  4. sadly, education is not in good shape right now....let's pray it will get better soon!

  5. I sooooo hear you on this one. Our district is facing a big deficit and they are looking at all sorts of things to cut. It worries me quite a bit for the future.

  6. Hi! I just started following your blog. I am in Georgia (my husband is a teacher...I am a former teacher) and our district just cut 6 jobs and every teacher is getting a $500/month paycut next year. Yet 6 people at the county level make over 100,000 a year and they aren't taking a pay cut? Instead they are cutting the jobs and salaries of the people who make $20,000/year. The system also serves every child a plastic spoon/napkin combo twice a day. What a waste!

  7. I can go ON AND ON about this topic forever! It blows my mind what shape our education is in. Why teachers are so poorly paid just kills me. Great post because you have a lot of us thinking that's for sure.


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