Menu planning


planned: (April 17-23)
S-- tacos
S--chicken bake (chicken, potatoes, peppers, onions, EVOO, and seasoning... mixed up and baked) we are having Easter with my family at my house I'm making that and a brownie bottom cheesecake

day 1--meatball subs
day 2-- ham steak
day 3-- chicken with apples and onions (leftover apples and onion w/ gravy from week 2)
day 4-- leftovers

Friday: fend for yourself (R- tuna, L-salad w/ couscous , B- chicken nuggets)
Sat.: tacos (B- taco meat, cheese)
Sun.: chicken w/ peppers, onions, potatoes; corn, green beans, rolls, salad, brownie bottom cheesecake, spice cake mix cookies (B- chicken)
Mon.: meatball subs w/salad [if you mash the meatballs up they heat up faster anddd they are easier to eat and don't fall out of the sub!] (B- meatballs, roll, cheese)
Tue.: chicken leftovers from Sun. (B- meatballs, banana, tortilla)
Wed.: grilled ham steak, mashed garlic potatoes, salad (B- ham)
Thurs.: chicken w/ apples and onioins (B- pancakes, banana)

Forecast: (April 24-30)
Friday: ??
Saturday: out (R and L are at a party)
Sunday: breakfast for dinner

day 1: American Chop Suey
day 2: bbq chicken
day 3: leftovers
day 4: ??

Things have been off as far as menus these last few weeks... I'm often feeding the boys way before Richard gets home and then feeding Richard and myself. So we are doing quick easy meals. Soon his work will settle down and we'll be back into real meals again (I hope!)


  1. I think it is so great that you at least try! I have the hardest time with thinking up menus. And I don't use coupons either.

  2. I keep saying I want to do this and I so never get my butt up and JUST DO IT.

  3. I have tried to have sit down meals this week but with sports in full swing we are all fending for ourselves! Good job in the effort department!

  4. quick and easy works for me- I always think your menu sounds yummy!

  5. I love how you have what is planned and then what is actually served. I'm impressed with how close they are 'cause my weeks never end up like that!


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