Menu planning


Planned: (May 15- 21)

Friday: pulled pork sandwiches (leftovers)
Saturday: out to mom's for dinner
Sunday: Spaghetti and meatballs (meatballs are leftovers)

day 1: leftover sloppy Richard's
day 2: tacos
day 3: nachos (using the leftover taco meat from day 2)
day 4: ?? who knows we couldn't decide on another meal

Friday: pulled pork sandwiches
Sat.: dinner at Mom's
Sunday: spaghetti and meatballs
Monday: Sloppy Richard's
Tuesday: taco wraps
Wednesday: herb and garlic chicken w/ rice pilaf
Thursday: Panera Bread for dinner... I had/have a sore throat so nacho did not appeal

Planned: (May 22-28)
Friday: nachos (maybe)
Saturday: burgers
Sunday: baked potatoes with salad

day 1: ravioli
day 2: lemon pepper chicken with rice
day 3: bbq beef
day 4: leftovers


  1. I love your "who knows we couldn't decide on another meal" :) when I'm doing the weekly menu I get aggravated when I can't think of something.


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