Crib update

Well we went to BRU yesterday and got Colby a new crib. We decided to buy a chest of drawers to go with it, but that has to be shipped from the warehouse. We put it together and let him play around in it for a while before bedtime. Then I struggled with trying to decide whether to put him in it for the night or back in the pack and play. I had had a hard fast rule that I made NOOO changes at bedtime. I usually did it at nap time that way if the sleep was off it was only effecting a short time frame. Yeah well I broke that rule last night and paid for it dearly!

Colby was awake from 9:45pm-12:00am and then fussed again around 3:30am. I ended up waking him up this morning at 7:45... so that meant no morning nap since that is typically around 8/8:30. I thought he was then going to fall asleep during lunch because he was exhausted.

I just hope that tonight goes a whole lot better!

I'll try to get some pics of the new crib soon.


  1. I hate it when their sleep is interrupted. Hope tonight is better.

  2. Praying you have a better night. Ugh, I remember those types of nights.

  3. Poor thing! I hope you have a better night tonight. Can't wait to see the pic's of the new crib.

  4. Oh no! just stick with it and it will all work out in the end!


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