random weekend thoughs


1. Having both boys not feeling well is so not fun (they both have head colds... nothing major, but still not fun)

2. I'm so tired of dealing with SNOT... it is not easier to deal with your own child's snot than another child's snot... it is still nasty

3. Not sleeping all the way through the night makes for long days

4. I love my DRV I can watch my night time shows during nap time

5. When there is heat warnings in FL you know it is hot! This whole week our heat index (heat + humidity = real feel) has been in the 100s... today it could feel 110... and this is only June

6. Watching Blake play games on the computer that I used in my kindergarten classes is really cool... other than I still can't stand hearing "I'm little, I need shoes... shoes please"

7. I've decided to drink 80+oz of water every day... It's a lot easier to drink four 20oz bottles than ten 8oz glasses... why is that? (oh and for my crunchy friends it is a refilled bottle that I fill with water from the fridge... I'm not buying water from the store)

8. This should be the last week of crazy work hours for Richard for a while... man I'd love to get back to some form of normalcy... whatever that is!

9. Yo plait chocolate whipped yogurt is yummy!!

10. Happy Father's Day to all those special men in my readers lives!



  1. This crunchy friend is glad to hear it on the water and the bottle ;)

    Glad Richard will finally be done the crazy work hours, I am sure it's been wearing on you both not to mention the boys. May they both feel better, nothing worse than being snotty when it's that hot! (actually I am not sure I know what that hot feels like but I think I might melt so it's okay :)

  2. I LOVE that chocolate whipped Yoplait too! It's just dessert in disguise! Hehe!

  3. Aww, hope youte little tykes start feeling better soon. Snot gets old real quick! And glad you're gonna be getting your hubby back. That will make life a lot easier I bet.
    And good for you on the water. You've got me beat by like 79oz i think, lol. Maybe they should make some water that tastes like cheesecake. I'd be sure to get my fill then, lol.

  4. Heat warnings...really? That's crazy...I guess we receive 'cold weather warnings' in winter instead...though I think I might prefer the heat warnings. :) Hope your boys are feeling better soon!

  5. It is no fun at all when the kids are sick. Hope their noses clear up soon.
    We refill bottles of water too. I stopped buying water bottles beginning of this year.

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  7. Colby should not be a year old already . . . nope. I mean, he was just born!

    Hope all goes well with the snot-capades. Never, ever fun.

    I can't believe in a matter of weeks I'll be dealing with TWO! TWO???? Wow.

  8. DVR's are AWESOME! Enough said!


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