Read it again

I posted some pics of my boys reading yesterday. This is a common sight in my house. My sons both love to look at books and have them read to them. We read 4 books before nap and another 4 before bedtime. But, that is just the set number we read, who knows how many we read during a given day.

Colby has really taken to reading in the last few weeks. I can't tell you how often I feel a book whack me in the leg because Colby has brought it over to be read. I almost always stop what I'm doing and sit down and read it to him. Again, and again and again and again.

I always find this stage interesting. How many times can we read the same story over and over? I think the max so far has been five times in a row. I usually get excited when there is another book close by because I'll try to swap them out after the 2nd or 3rd time reading the original book.

I love reading to my sons. I love pulling them into my lap and having that time to read just to them. I love reading to the two of them and watching them learn from each other. I love watching the develop a love of reading!


  1. I love reading to my kids too. We know how important it is. My kids love to read now that they are older too. So I think all my reading paid off:)
    I hear ya on reading the same book over and over.

  2. Your boys are going to grow up loving books and the adventures they can take with a book- you are giving them a priceless gift!

  3. We are big readers here too. My kids could sit and read all day if there was nothing on the agenda.

  4. Reading rocks! We're going to do some book challenges this summer!

  5. My kids love reading but sometimes have to prompted. My oldest is into chapter books and I have him read them to the little guy!

  6. That's great!!! Leala loves for us to read to her.. She'll get her animal sound book and growl it, acting like she's reading it the way daddy does.. haha!

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  7. Hey Lori! Books are the best! My little guy LOVES books too! I love reading to him. Hopefully he'll still enjoy it when he has those book reports to do.Only time will tell, but he's off to a good start.

    It's day two with our pool. Hopefully, the good behavior lasts longer than a day. Wish me luck. :o)


  8. Fun!!!!

    Love that Colby brings you books to read...when I sit down to read Allie always climbs right up. So sweet!

  9. My second son is just starting to get interested in books. He won't really sit still long enough for me to read an entire book, but he'll get there!

  10. Lori,

    Thanks for always commenting over at the 5 Moms blog. We love your input.
    Funny that you posted about reading books over and over...I find myself doing that too, but skipping words or pages after the 10th time. although i get caught alot.

  11. I love reading to my kids too (although those 4th and 5th times make me go a little buggy!) Lyndsy goes in spurts. Sometimes she wants read to all the time, others, not as much. We do weekly trips to the library now.

    Looks like your boys love it! Keep it up.

  12. We read ALOT here too. I can recite Hop on Pop by memory! He loves that book. Every morning he finds it and says "Hop".


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