I haven't posted/talked about our schedule in a while now... a long while. That's because well we didn't have one! I'm sort of surprised how long it took the 3 of us to fall into a daytime schedule. Yes, I realize that Colby is almost a year old and things will change yet again soon, but for now we have a new schedule.

6:00 Mommy/ Daddy wake up
6:45 Mommy/ Daddy breakfast
7:00 Blake and Colby wake up
7:15 Daddy leaves for work
7:30 Blake and Colby breakfast
7:45 meet with neighbor to walk some days
8:00 (8:30 on walking days) Colby's morning nap, Blake's mommy time
10:00 play upstairs
11:00 lunch
11:45 nap time
1:00 Blake wakes up from his nap
2:00 Colby wakes up from his nap
4:00 bath time
5:00 dinner time
6:00 daddy comes home (hopefully)
6:20 Mommy/ Daddy dinner
7:00 bedtime for Colby
7:30 bedtime for Blake

(some days we put both boys down at 7:15)


  1. That's similar to our routine here except Ryan has no morning nap anymore. He takes one nap from about 11:45ish-2:00ish. It all depends on his level of!

  2. What a great schedule. I used to have a very strict one with the two girls and then Stunt Man came along and wow...all was lost. We have routines for things, but not so much a schedule anymore. I do love a schedule though.

  3. I like how you do lunch at 11 and nap at 11:45. Eliza doesn't eat lunch til 12, foes down at 1 and sometimes doesn't get up from her nap til four- and then bed time is very late.

    Sorry about the hopefully...mine is hopefully pete is home by 8- I gave up on waiting for for him for dinner. This is one reason why E stays up-to see her daddy for a bit.

  4. Just Blake and Colby sleep in the same room?

  5. Stella does an early first nap too. I hope that doesn't change too soon 'cause we use that time to get cleaned up and play with Madison. What are days like when your husband is home 'cause it seems to be complete chaos here. Nothing stays on schedule and it takes me a couple of days to get the girls back on track...Just in time for Daddy to be home again!


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