I have said since before Colby was born that my boys are opposites. I even did their bedrooms as day (Colby) and night (Blake). Don't get me wrong I know there are a lot of things that are similar between the two of them. Yes, I know that people will always know they are brothers (I don't think they look like twins as we've been asked many times, but definitely brothers).

I watch them play and they play differently. The function differently. They even eat differently. Today I fed the boys the same thing for lunch (hot dog, apple slices, and tortilla chips). Blake at the hot dog and the chips. Colby ate the apple slices and the chips. Guess I could have saved a few steps and made one meal for the two of them to share.

I love the fact that they are both very independent. I love the fact that they are both unique individuals. I can't wait to watch them grow and develop into individual people!



  1. Colby is soooo adorable in that picture! I could just pinch those sweet little chubby cheeks.

  2. I know...it's so neat to notice and watch the differences!

  3. They are both so cute. It is so funny to see the differences. My two are so different also. Not just because the boy/girl thing. I'm with you, one meal would do it around here. They eat completely opposite.

  4. They are so precious!

    Yup, my boys are so opposite too. One is pretty open and friendly, the other more quiet and shy.

    One has an immaculate bedroom (always has) and the other's room is not-so immaculate.

    One would eat anything......the other would actually smell his food first and was a picky eater (however, he's outgrown that).

    Oh well, they wouldn't be any fun if they were the same, right?!

    Now, I need an outfit to go with all that "bling," lol!

    ~ Nan

  5. they are both so handsome! I think my kids are like day and night too- they are so different in so many ways. But yet so precious too.

  6. They are both adorable. It is fun to see the differences in the kids as they develop their personalities. Too cute!

  7. Crazy right? They are both so cute. You get it figured out with one kid and then the next throws you for a major loop! I can't wait to meet baby @2!

  8. I love to watch them as they develop into their own little people. Awesome of you to know that they are two different people and help them each come into their own.

  9. My girls are complete opposites too! Sometimes I think it is more obvious when they are both the same sex as opposed to when there is one girl and one boy. Probably because when they are babies it almost feels like you have that same baby all over again. BUT...they are not the same baby and they let you know it.


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