Never fun!

Well, I had one of those I'm glad it is there, but never wanted to use it moments yesterday.

Over the weekend, Colby was running a very low grade fever (nothing over 100.5ish). We were giving him Tylenol and Motrin to keep the fever down and him comfortable. Ok fine... this could be a fluke, this could be teething, this could be a mild cold... who knows! Just keep an eye on him and wait to see what is going on.

Sunday morning the fever was pretty much totally gone... yeah that's over. Ummm not quite. After his afternoon nap he woke up with a rash on his legs. That then spread to his under arms, then his arms, then his lower legs, then his face. Are you noticing something here?? Yes, there was nothing on his core. Ok again... I'm a bit worried, but he was seeming himself and still no fever. After doing some research on the internet I decide it maybe 5th disease. Ok nothing you can do about that I'll just call the dr. in the morning and see what they suggest.

Sunday night he woke up around 11:45pm and it took us forever to get him settled down. He ended up sleeping on me on the couch for the night. Ok he slept. Still no fever. We noticed that the pajamas were bothing him... ok a diaper day.

I called the dr. in the morning and they said it is most likely just some kind of viral rash in relation to the raised temp. Just keep an eye on it and him. If it changes, his fever spikes, or he has any other symptoms take him in right away.

In typical child fashion... he was fine until after the dr.'s office closed. Around 5:30 the rash on his legs began getting blueish and he was not a happy camper. So after trying to get him to have a bit of dinner I changed (I had a lazy wear my crap hang around the house clothes day), got him dressed and off we went to the local after hours pediatric care center.

Colby had a severe case of hives. They were rather concerned since they had changed color and his temp was slightly elevated again. After some Benedryl, a steriod and some tests to check his kidney function, we were sent home to try to figure out WHAT caused the reaction. We are hoping beyond hope that it was a fluke viral reaction.

So, I was always glad that we had the pediatric after hours center close by... but I had hoped we'd never need it...yeah the joys of parenting!

--Side note: Colby slept through the night and just woke up (I had to stop typing the post to get him up). There is almost no hives left... he looks so much better (o:


  1. Yep...seems like they always get worse at night. i hate that. I have made so many after hours calls to our doctor. She has even met me at the office after hours What a blessing.
    HOpe he is doing much better. Did he eat anything new?

  2. So glad he is doing better, hoping he had a good day today. I'm with Mimi, Did he eat anything new? Then again both of my kids have gotten rashy with fevers before.

  3. Bless his heart! I am glad he's doing better. That's no fun when a little one is sick. I hope you can figure out what caused the reaction. He's in my prayers.

  4. Leala woke up with a few bumps and red areas on her leg the other day.. the red is gone and only bumps are left (not many).. today she woke up with hives on her arm... and she has a spot by her eye...

  5. I'm so glad that whatever caused it - at least now the hives are going away and he is doing better. Poor guy! You are going to need a vacation after all this!

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  7. Glad things are looking better! And I have to use our after hours clinic too. I hate playing mommy detective!

    Keeping my fingers crossed kidney function is good.

  8. My children always get sick friday at 4:30. I have talked to nurse triage more times than I would like!

    I hope this is just some silly virus. The rash looks like one Jillian had before, but if it is an allergic reaction, I hope you can figure it out quickly.

  9. Glad he's doing better. My kids used to always seem to get worse at night too.

    I used to think it would be nice if my hubby was a doctor or I a nurse, lol!

    My dad used to say "Where were you born, a barn?" and I never got that one for the longest time, lol!

    ~ Nan


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