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Last night I watched Biggest Loser, yes I know it is actual on Tuesday... I LOVE my DVR! I started watching this show a few years ago. I really like to watch the transformations that occur. I really enjoy watching these people realize that there is more to losing weight than just changing what you eat. There is more to getting fit than working out. There is a whole package needed to find the health level to maintain a "good weight"

Listening to the stories of the contestants makes you think, but one last night made me SHUTTER! Listening to Abby tell her story brought tears to my eyes. People who know me know that is not an easy thing to do. If you watched the show, you know exactly what I'm talking about! "On this season of “The Biggest Loser” it is all about new beginnings for contestant Abby Rike. Abby is a 35-year-old teacher from Mabank, Texas, who tragically lost her husband, 5-year-old daughter, and two-week-old son in a fatal car accident in October 2006." (from

This got me thinking about so many different things. My mind went in so many different directions. But, this isn't what I wanted to talk about on my blog.

What really got me thinking was something I saw on the news this morning. When I got up this morning I was thinking about obese people. I was saying to Richard it seems strange to me that people who are anorexic and bulimic are often forced into centers where they get the help to not only maintain their weight, but also get the counseling they need to overcome what got them to that condition in the first place. Why don't we, as a society, see that obese people need the same thing? Why don't they get the counseling they need to overcome the demons they are feeding? Why don't we acknowledge the fact that this too needs to be addressed as an eating disorder. As something, that needs help and counseling to overcome? Why aren't insurance companies making it easier for these people to get the physical and emotional help they need to overcome??

Shortly after this conversation I was watching the news. On the local news they were discussing the possibility of a soda tax... a what?? They are talking about adding a penny tax per ounce of soda. WHAT? Then they had the audacity to compare this to the cigarette tax. Hellooooo these are two VERY different things. They are saying that drinking soda causes obesity and that if they add this tax to it then less people will drink it and less children/teens will drink it. First off... did that work for anything else you've over taxed?? Yeah no! Second, the actual act of drinking soda will not kill you. If you smoke, you will die (yes eventually, but still). If you smoke, you could cause others around you to get sick and possibly die early too.

Now, do I think that many people drink wayyyy too much soda... yes. Do I think that people who have weight issues are more likely to be drinking soda.... again yes. But, is every person who drinks soda obese.... no! So should people who enjoy a random soda from time to time be punished because some people over drink it? Yeah I don't think so.

I don't understand why we don't focus on how to get people healthy instead of playing big brother. It would make more sense to me to have more affordable places for people to work out. It would make sense to me to have more places where they can work with a nutritionist to learn healthy eating habits. It would make sense to me to help them get the counseling they need to deal with the why's of over eating. It would make more sense to increase the physical education in schools. To provide children with a safe place to run and play and get exercise before, during and after school. Let's educate people. Let's help them realize that they can live differently if they choose to. Let's help children realize that a healthy lifestyle is important. Let's get rid of these crash diets that get you no where. Let's focus on moderation.

I know this is a rambling post, but this is where my head is at. It really bothers me to see how sedentary people have become. How "normal" it is to not see children playing outside. How it is now "normal" to see so many overweight people. Blows my mind. I hope that my sons see that Mommy and Daddy can enjoy cookies and ice cream (and heaven forbid the occasional soda), but we are also active. We workout, ride our bikes, and are just on the go.



  1. I hear ya. I try to get mine out as much as possible and keep them in sports activities. They can get lazy so quickly. Watching TV and playing games.

  2. I keep my boys busier than they should be. I also go to the gym to instill some kind of exercise regimen..even if I NEVER lose a pound!

  3. I love your blog today. I totally agree. A soda tax? What? How sad whould that be? I have to admit I do drink quite a bit of soda, and I am a little tiny girl, so that soda as long as you eat right and work out is not all that bad for your body, maybe not the best, but still. I also think more of the focus should be on PE and recess in the schools. As a former teacher I hated that that was the frist thing that was cut or taken away, really? What are these people thinking? The kids need exercise! Sorry this was a long comment I should have written you an email...

  4. I think a tax on soda is ridiculous. What next, a Twinkies tax?

  5. Great blog topic. I agree, why aren't programs more accessible for obese people? We are so quick to judge them, you never know what their story is!

    If they implement a soda tax then they may as well implement a McDonalds tax, a trans-fat tax, a sugar tax, a saturated fat tax, etc, etc, etc. Where does it end? More emphasis needs to be on PREVENTION!

  6. i was crying when watching the show too...not just once but again when jillian was crying! my heart goes out to her and good for her for making this change and getting up everyday to face the world, like she said "alone".

    soda tax? ridiculous! like pp have mentioned then there also needs to be taxes on everything else that "isn't" good for you! i will admit im overweight, but i don't drink soda on a reg basis, once in a blue moon. i also agree that pe needs to get back into schools and take the junk out! we never had the junk at school...well high school, but we always had pe too!

  7. I've not heard of the soda tax but I agree that's insane!

    I watched Biggest Loser also and almost cried when I heard her story. I can't imagine going through something like that and surviving! What an amazing woman!

  8. I watched the Biggest Loser last night, thanks to my dvr. I can't imagine going through what Abby went through. I was so impressed with how strong she was and how she's not only determined to keep living but also to have a better life. I agree completely with your thoughts on taxing. I'm trying to steer clear of soda and drink more water. Watching the show really makes you think twice about what you eat. Great post Lori!


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